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Rugs & Mats

All Go Flooring converts carpet into rugs and mats. We produce a large range of sizes and shapes from small to large from narrow hallway runners to large family areas sold via retailers across eastern Australia. Our Currumbin factory carries a wide range of colours and types of carpet from budget to high quality pieces. We can custom make to suit any size and finish with high quality overlocking to provide the perfect end result. We use quality carpet from leading Australian manufacturers and can provide a fast turnaround service for special orders.


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benefits of rugs

As an interior design element, rugs add softness, colour and texture to your décor and are the easiest, most affordable way to instantly update a room with the latest on-trend looks. Rugs help define and zone space, a big plus in open plan homes, by providing a unifying base to ground furniture and give a room foundation. Designer rugs can be the perfect interior design choice if you’re renting, as they enable you to stamp your own style on a home.

Rugs are amazingly versatile and look just as beautiful on a timber floor as they do on concrete or tiles. Rugs are a great way to protect your floors from damage such as scratches and keep them looking as good as new. They also help absorb and reduce sound, ideal in multi-storey homes or units.



Transforming Space

Rugs can be an ideal way to cost effectively transform a space. A garage can be turned into a granny flat, provide an extra bedroom, a sleeping area for friends and relatives, an AirBnB or they can provide protection during renovations.

All Go Flooring has a range of large carpet rugs to suit these requirements or we can make to measure and overlock as required. We regularly make special orders to convert garages, rentals and holiday accommodation. We are mobile and are happy to come to you to discuss requirements for larger spaces and special orders.



Size and Colour

There are no set rules in creating living spaces. How you want it to look will reflect your own flair and style. Using rugs in different ways can change the look and ambience of a space. A room may suit an area rug extending from under the couch and out across the room, yet look different but just as good by leaving a border of floor around the rug and the furniture.

Size and colour are important aspects of a rug choice. Whist size is not as important as many think, it is important to get it right. An out of proportion rug can affect the aesthetics of a room, but there is often more than one size solution for a space. Colour can also transform your space. The options for every room are endless and can have a huge impact on how a room looks.

Our staff are always happy to help answer questions about how to use rugs and we carry all sizes of rugs, so size is never a problem. We can custom make in a colour of your choosing to whatever size you need.



Grass Mats for Outdoor Areas

Grass mats provide the ideal way to transform outdoor spaces and add texture to decks, pools or barbeque areas. All Go Flooring can custom make grass mats to suit your outdoor area. Specifically designed for alfresco areas, these mats are UV stable and are incredibly easy to clean; just hose them down and let them dry in the sun.


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